October 25 2021

Benefits of Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy for your Business

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Every organization needs to use cloud computing for data storage and deployment. However, both public and private clouds can be costly to use. This is the reason why you require custom software development services to build a hybrid cloud for your business.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud refers to an integration of private cloud services with a public cloud. They are meant to offer benefits of both private and public cloud services as you gain the best of both through the integration. The on-premises infrastructure consists of both private and public cloud for data computing, storage and deployment. This helps you gain a competitive advantage in many ways.

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Following are the benefits of implementing a hybrid cloud strategy for your business:

1.    Flexible to Work With

We all realized last year that working from home is no big deal, given you have the right infrastructure to support it. One of the major benefits of using a hybrid cloud is that the private server can be used to maintain sensitive data while the public server is useful for the rest. That way, every employee can work from anywhere.

2.    Cost Saving

Yes, you’re paying for custom software development services when you’re creating a cloud computing platform. However, a hybrid cloud will be cheaper than both public and private cloud for two reasons. Firstly, you are using the private server for very limited workloads and data, which brings down the setup cost. Secondly, your hardware costs are reduced as you use public cloud services.

3.    Better Security

When you are using a hybrid cloud, you have more control over your data as compared to using a public cloud. It is also lesser prone to cyber-attacks and data leakage as you use the private server for storing essential and sensitive data. Any data transfer that you make from a private to the public server can be encrypted when you’re using a hybrid cloud.

4.    Seamless Scalability

Along with having full control over your data due to the private server, you get easy and seamless scalability of operations on the public server. This helps you adapt to changes more quickly, optimize IT performances and launch new products after testing and prototyping them on the public server.

5.    Back-Up of Data

One of the reasons why hybrid clouds are more reliable is because they allow you to take backup of your data. So, in case of any failure or loss of data, you can recover it quickly. Since virtual machines are not affected by local disasters like fire or floods, your data operations will continue to work smoothly.

To Sum it Up

Organizations cannot carry on with work without using cloud platforms today. They are way more convenient to use. Since both public and private cloud servers have their own advantages and disadvantages, you need to invest your resources into custom software development for a hybrid cloud system. It helps you get the best of both private and public servers, thus being the most efficient solution for your business.

October 18 2021

Essential Elements of E-Commerce Web Design

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When you’re shopping online, every site does provide you with some common basic features like shopping cart and wishlist to enhance your experience. If you’re developing an online store, you’ll be needing these features on your site too. In order to do so, you need professional Ecommerce website development services. An ecommerce site will be having certain features that a regular website doesn’t have. These are precisely some of the elements we’ll be focusing on here. Let’s look at it in order of the user’s navigation experience:

User-friendly Menu &  Search Bar

When a customer lands on the home page, he’ll first take a look at the menu to check the major categories and products you have. This main product menu has to be organized very well, so that the customer gets what he is expecting upon looking at the option. At the same time, you will also get some customers who are looking for something very specific. For these customers, you need to have a search bar which is user-friendly.

Filters and Sorting

When people search by category, they get the widest variety of options in front of them. However, the order in which they see the products mostly is random to them. This is why your listing page needs to provide them with 2 options – adding filters to shorten the list and sorting the list in the order they prefer. Filters include options like brand, size, colour and price range. Meanwhile, sorting can be done alphabetically, according to price or according to popularity.

Good Quality Images and Videos

When you’re shopping online, images are all you have to make your purchase decision. If that too isn’t proper, you can’t expect the customer to make the right purchase decision. Your eCommerce website development professional needs to ensure that you are able to upload images and videos of a standard size and resolution. This adds uniformity to the website design. Additionally, you need to provide your users with the option to zoom on every image to get a better view. It’s important that the image is still crystal-clear even after zooming.


Customers sometimes need time to choose. On an online store, they can have the option of adding their wide range of options to a wishlist before adding them to a cart. It makes shopping easier and more convenient.

Pincode Checker

Let the customer check for himself right on the product detail page if he can actually get the product in his area. If his area is not serviceable for you, he won’t waste his time. It is even better if the tool allows them to understand how long the delivery will take (approximately).


If you’re buying a t-shirt, you’ll need the available sizes and colors to the right side of the image. It is ideal to have a size chart and images for every color variant of the product you provide.

Shopping Cart

This is the most important element of any ecommerce site. When you are able to add items to a cart, you don’t keep getting redirected to the checkout page. So, you just click on the cart when you’re done to finally proceed towards check out.  
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