August 25 2021

How AI Is Changing the Web Design Industry?

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Are you a web developer thinking about how new technologies are being used in the web design industry? The technology for web design is evolving constantly every day. This can make it very hard for a single person to develop their own website. A web design company can help them provide professional services for web development to create a good quality website. We’ve been familiar with artificial intelligence being used in several fields. Now, it is being used to develop web designs. Let’s see how artificial intelligence is changing the web design industry.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Many of us have heard about this term artificial intelligence but didn’t bother to know much about what it means. In simple terms, artificial intelligence means giving computers the power to make decisions on their own. This technology has been developing for quite a few years now. There are many industries in which artificial intelligence is being used to increase efficiency or provide better service to the customer. As per the rate at which this technology is growing, it won’t be long before we will see this technology in everyday use of our lives.

Artificial Intelligence for Web Design

Artificial Intelligence has become an important aspect in website development now. Every good web design company is using it to create websites. Here’s how:

1. Website Development Machine

Many web design companies are using artificial intelligence algorithms to make websites. AI is being used to help in decision-making. This technology helps in taking decisions related to the design, layout, branding and content of the website. It also works as a professional designer providing real-time suggestions for designing the website.

2.  Coding

This is one of the most difficult tasks while designing a website. However, with the help of AI this process can be made easy. Artificial intelligence automates many tasks that helps the developer to find solutions while designing the website. With the help of AI, the codes can be developed from scratch which in turns leads to smarter apps and quick turnaround time.

3.  Use of Chatbot

Chatbots are a new feature that is becoming slowly available on many websites. You must have noticed this especially when shopping for products online. These chatbots reply to our queries without human interventions. This is possible due to artificial intelligence. Right now, the queries are pre-determined in the chat bot. However, as technology develops, it will be able to resolve our problems without any human intervention.

4.  Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing is a repetitive task that is very tiring and exhausting for developers. The AI algorithm can perform this on your behalf. This speeds up the time taken to for web designing and makes sure it is error-free. It helps maintain data and meaningful inferences.

5.  Analysis

AI helps in web analysis. With the help of analysis, you can understand what aspects of your web design needs to improved and what changes you need to make to them. AI helps you make those choices and recommend the changes that are going to have a positive impact on your web design.

August 10 2021

5 Web Development Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Are you planning to develop your own website and are in need for some ideas? If yes, then I have got you some tips that you certainly can’t afford to miss. If you are new to this space, you should always go with a web development company to help you out. The use of the internet has led to great opportunities for businesses online. The 21st century is being dominated by the use of smart phones, laptops and desktops. Everyday more and more people are coming online, bringing in more opportunities for companies to grow. So, to stay ahead of the game and your competitors, an online presence is a must for companies today.

Now, let’s look at some tips that you should not miss while developing your website.


1.     Multiple Platform Support

There are many ways to connect to the internet, like your smart phone laptop, tablet or desktop. The website experience can differ on all platforms. If you have a uniform experience through all form factors, it is easier for the user to navigate and use your website. This will make users come back to your website more often, thus increasing customer loyalty and retention. Today, most people use their smart phones to use the internet which makes it even more important to have multiple platform support. A web development company can help you develop websites for all different platforms.

2.     Customise Your Website

Whenever possible, you should always go for a customised website. Every industry is different in its own unique way. A manufacturing company differs from a service-oriented company, thus requiring you to have different priorities on your website. This is how designing your own custom website can help you. The design will be user-friendly and easy for customers to understand and use. Custom websites require a lot of design and planning. This can be achieved with the help of a web development company who can handle all your demands and give you what you want.

3.     Speed

By speed, I mean the time it takes for pages on your website to load. If your website takes longer to load, users won’t stick around and move on to other websites. Also, search engines factor in the site loading times while providing search results. A slower load time will result in dropping of your ranking in the search results which can hamper your business drastically.

4.     Scrolling Over Clicking

Nowadays, thanks to social media sites, people have become prone to scrolling. This has allowed website developers to make web pages longer. So, instead of having more pages you should try to make your home page longer and put more and more information in one page. A recent case study by Crazy Egg has proved a website with more scrollable content saw conversions go up by 30%.

5.     Social Proof

Social proof is a great way to gain the trust of other people. This is a method in which you can show the positive reviews of your product, service, content or any other thing that you are marketing. People tend to follow what they see other influencers or their friends and family members do. You can make use of testimonials, YouTube reviews by influencers, social shares or any other social media story.