December 21 2021

How To Upload An App To Google Play Store?

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If you wish to start your own app development company or provide app solutions of your own, you need to create an account on Google Play Store to upload an app. If you develop apps, then this process is way simpler than the programming you do to create your solutions.

Here’s how you upload an app on Google Play Store:

Step 1: Create Your Account on Google Play Console

Whether you’re the owner or the developer you can create the account on Play Store. You need sign in with your Google account and pay $25 as a one-time fee as you accept the developer agreement. Once you do that, you now have the liberty to upload as many apps you want for a lifetime.

Step 2: Create an Account on Google Wallet Merchant 

Once you open your developer account, you’ll find “Reports” on the left column. Go there and click on Financial reports”, which gives you a link to set up an account on Google Wallet Merchant. By linking your developer account with merchant account, you can make in-app purchases and also examine your app sales.

Step 3: Create the App

In order to upload an app on Google Play Store, you need to create it there only. If you’ve already made your app, you can copy the code here too. Just go to “All applications” and click on the “CREATE APPLICATION” button. Give your app the name you thought of and then click on “CREATE”.

Step 4: Upload the APK File

You need the Android Package Kit (APK) file that will help users to install the app on their device. To upload the file, you go to “Release management” and click on “App releases”. Select the type of release click on “Create release”. This leads you to uploading the APK file.

Step 5: List the App on the Play Store

One you’ve uploaded the APK file, you go to “Store listing” under “Store presence”. You need to provide the main app title, short description and full description which users can read before installing the app. This data can be uploaded with translation in other languages too. You also need to upload other content such as screenshots, images and videos that people can view. Put the app under the relevant category and add your contact details for users.

Step 6: Provide Content Rating

Usually, apps get removed from the play store when they don’t receive rating. So, in order to avoid that, you go to “Content rating” under “Store presence” and fill up the questionnaire provided to you. When you do so and click on “Apply”, your app gets rated on the Play Store.

Step 7: Select Your Pricing & Distribution Model

This step is to ensure whether your app will be available for free or at a price to users for download. Go to “Pricing and distribution” under “Store presence” click on the appropriate button for the same. Here, you also select the countries where the app will be available.

Step 8: Time to Publish the App

This is the final stage where you now make the app available to the rest of the world. Go to “App releases” under “Release management” and then click on “manage production”. From here, you go to “Edit release”, click on “Review” and start the rollout to production. When you click on “Confirm”, your app is out there.

September 28 2021

Android App Development Service: Provide Favorable Every Online Business

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Developing an app is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot knowledge and coding techniques to develop a good app. This is why you should look for a professional app or Android development company who can do that for you. There are almost 3 billion active smartphone users worldwide. Primarily, two smartphone operating systems have a dominant share among them. They are iOS by Apple and Android by Google. Both the operating software are great to use. However, Android has the lion’s share of the market. Almost 74% of the worldwide smartphone market is owned by Google’s Android Operating System alone. This is the reason why app development companies have started providing special services for Android app development. Today, there are more than 2 million apps available on the Google Play Store. You’ll always have an app for anything you want to do on your smartphone. There are many benefits of going with a professional development company that provides specialized services in Android development. These include:

1.   Custom App Development

A professional Android development company can develop an app as per your requirements from the ground up. They can add any features and facilities you want to provide the consumers through your app. If you have any innovative ideas, they can help implement those also. So, you should take the help of an android app development company for developing your app.

2.   UI Design

There are many different smartphone brands providing Android devices. This becomes very difficult to provide a user interface similar for all. An android app development company can help create app that is accessible on a number of devices and provide same the user experience.

3.   Software Testing

Before the app is deployed and available for people to download on the app store, a number of tests have to be carried out. These tests are done to make sure there are no glitches and errors in the app at the time of launch. It helps provide consumers with a good experience using the app.

4.   Android App Porting

Since there are two major operating software, you don’t want to be missing out on providing your app services to other smartphone operating software. This is where an app development company can help you. They can make your app available for other smartphones without much effort. This way you can get a larger customer base to target.

5.   Regular Updates

The operating systems are being regularly updated by Apple and Android. They tend to provide new features and fix bugs on the phone. This means you also need to regularly update your app to make use of these features to make the app experience better.