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Top WordPress Theme & Plugin Detector 2022

Are you planning to make your own WordPress site but don’t know which themes and plugins to use? Let’s give you an interesting solution. What if you could know what themes and plugins do your competitor’s sites use without asking anyone anything? Yes, this is possible with the help of a WordPress theme & plugin detector.

Best WordPress Theme & Plugin Detector: You Most Know in 2022:


The world wide web doesn’t just have blogs, portfolio sites and online stores. Many websites out there are actually scanning tools that can detect certain things for you. So, a WordPress theme & plugin detector is a site where you can enter any URL and find out what themes and plugins does that website use. The same technology may also be available in the form of a browser extension.

Here are some of the most widely used detectors so far:

What WordPress Theme is That

This website is free and easy to use. It mainly detects the themes and plugins used by the website you enter along with a few other details related to both. If it detects it well, it will give you the parent theme, child theme and also a link to the theme and its author’s homepage. Following are the details you’ll get:

  • Theme name
  • Homepage of the theme
  • Author of the theme and his/her homepage
  • Theme description, license and version
  • List of plugins used – names along with quick details



If scanning the most widely used WordPress themes is your job, it might be easier for you to install a chrome extension instead of using a website. In that case, WPSniffer is the easiest free Chrome extension to use. Once you’ve installed, it, you just need to click on the icon while you’ve opened a website to know which theme it has used along with the theme homepage.


WP Theme Detector

This is a website where you enter the URL of the website and get to know about the following other than theme & plugin names:

  • Author of the theme
  • Description of the theme
  • Version and licence of the theme
  • Popularity rate of the theme & plugins
  • Availability of download 


Is It WP

If you don’t even know whether the website you’re looking at is a WordPress site or not, then this analyzer will answer the question for you. Other than getting information on the themes and plugins it uses, you’ll also know about its hosting provider, links to download the plugins and links to the reviews on those plugins.



This is a website which also has a Chrome extension – you can use either of the two, depending on your requirements. Here, you’ll get information on the following:

  • Theme used: Name, description, author, URL and price
  • Hosting used: Name of server and price
  • Plugins used: Names and their URLs



This free website helps you detect all details about the theme, plugins, hosting platform, ecommerce platform (if any), website builders and other marketing related information about the website. Other than the name of the theme, you’ll know its exact version, author, tags, description and license number.

There are many other sites and extensions out there that will give you basic information on the CMS platform, technology, themes, plugins, hosting platform and other details used by a website. However, the above platforms have the most detailed information you can get.



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