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Switch from Magento to Shopify – Give Your Business a Boost with Webnware!

Magento is a very good ecommerce website development tool to manage an online store. However, if you are looking to expand, you need to make the switch from Magento to Shopify. 

Switching from one service to another can be a tricky idea as you want to make sure you are not losing any data or hampering the business. For this, you can take the help of a website design and development company or do it yourself. If you are doing it yourself, here is a guide on how to make the switch.

Step 1 – Create your Own Shopify Account

The first step is to create your own account on Shopify. Shopify is a paid service, so you need to choose one of their pricing plans. New users can get a 14-days free trial period. After that, you have to choose from one of the following plans:

  • Basic Shopify: It starts at $29 per month
  • Shopify: This plan starts at $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify: It starts at $299 per month

All plans provide added features and benefits based on your requirements. The basic plan is enough for a new business to get you up and running while the more advanced plans are for businesses looking to expand and add benefits.

Step 2 – Backup your Store

You don’t want to lose any of your data, so this step is very important. There could be a possibility while migrating from Magento to Shopify, the migration stops and you could lose all your data. So, it is very important to back it up. To create a backup on Magento, go to the Admin Sidebar and click on tools. Here, you will get the backup option. 

Step 3 – Download the Import Store App

Go to the shopify Appstore and download this app called “import store”. This app allows you to transfer all your data about your product and customer from Magento to Shopify. There are other apps also available to transfer data like Excelify and Multichannel importer. 

Step 4 – Export Data 

Now, you need to export your data from Magento to Shopify. To export the data, follow these steps:

  • Click on Admin Sidebar and click system. Click on data transfer and from there, select the Export option.
  • Inside the export setting, you will see option of entity type. This will be your products data or customer data. 
  • If you are using the import store app, select ‘XML’ in export file format. 

You need to repeat this process for each type of data that you want to export from Magento. 

Step 5 – Import Data on Shopify

Once the data is exported from Magento, its time to import it on shopify. Here are the steps:

  • In the Shopify admin page, click Apps and select import store.
  • Choose Magento from the drop-down menu.
  • In ‘Upload file’, select the exported files to import.
  • Finish by clicking ‘continue import’.

Step 6 – Review Data

It is always wise to review your data once the import is completed. You should match with the saved data to see if it is correct or not. If there is any missing data, Shopify gives you the option of adding it manually also. 

Step 7 – Create You Shopify Store

Once the data is transferred, all you need to do is design your website on Shopify. There are many paid and free themes to choose from on Shopify. 


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