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How To Generate Leads on Your Landing Page?

Is your website not getting the traction you were hoping of? This could be due to lack of optimization of your landing page. It’s nothing to worry about if you find the right digital marketing service provider to help you out. Let’s see how this works.

What is a Landing page?

Landing page is the webpage that users land on when they click on a link towards your website. This is the first page that users see when they are on your website. This means you need to have your landing page well optimized in order to get leads. A digital marketing service provider can help you optimize your website in the best possible way. So, here are some tips that are going to help you generate leads from your landing page:

1.    Product Or Service Description

People visit your website as they want to know more about the products or services provided by you. This makes it of utmost importance that your landing page has an in-depth description of the product or service provided by you. You can have multiple landing pages but make sure each of them contains enough description about the products and services.

2.    Provide Free Stuff

Everyone wants to get free stuff now. This is one of the best ways to generate leads through your landing page. You can provide free content that is useful and can be downloaded by the user. Before giving the option to download, you can ask for some customer data like their phone number and email id. This helps you to advertise your products and services in future to them. Having free stuff available for a limited period time also helps in generating leads faster.

3.    Signup For Regular Updates

You can have an option to signup for newsletter on your landing page. This is a great way to keep the customer engaged about your company. You can regularly update them about offers, new products and services.Such newsletters are not treated as spam as the customer is himself providing the email id for regular updates.

4.    Display Your Contact Information

Many times, customers are looking to get in touch with you on a one-to-one basis. You should provide information such as company’s name, address, phone number and email id on the landing page. Providing contact information of your sales person can also help you speed up the conversion process. Contact information is also available on google. This means whenever a customer instead of visiting your website enters your phone number the search result will land them to your website.

5.    Landing Page Design

The landing page design needs to be clean and impactful. Choose colors that are more soothing to the eye and have a lasting impact. Make sure you have clearly differentiated the titles of your paragraphs. Use easy language which can be understood by all and make sure there is enough spacing among the texts which makes it easier to read.


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