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6 Best React UI Libraries in 2022

Are you willing to develop an app for your brand? If yes, then you need to consult the best UI/UX development company. This is because any application – whether a mobile app or a web app, is all about having a good UI/UX. A good app developer will use the right framework to build an app of that level. React is a JavaScript library that is specially built for developing apps.

Best UI component libraries that top app developers tend to use for Building UI/UX of apps are as follows:


This stands for Material-UI and is one of the most popular and widely used React library for the number of features that it provides. It is based on Google’s Material Design, providing you with a wide variety of components, most of which are customizable. These include badges, boxes, app bars, dialog boxes, menus, sliders, buttons and auto complete. Additionally, there are plenty of themes and templates which you can use or even create your own design.

React Bootstrap 

The popular frontend framework Bootstrap has been rebuilt with React, written in JavaScript, TypeScript and SCSS. It has plenty of responsive components accessible to developers that are highly customizable. Additionally, you also have access to plenty of Bootstrap themes along with the ones on React-Bootstrap. Even though it has lesser components than MUI, it is popular as it is easier to use for beginners.

Ant Design

This React library is mostly used by developers working for a good UI/UX development company. It has around 50 high-quality components, which include icons, buttons, dropdowns, breadcrumbs, grids and date pickers. Most of these components are customizable as per your own design. The reason why it is so popular is because it allows you to create a highly interactive UI design for your app. Furthermore, you’ll also gain access to its ow products like Ant Design Charts and AntV Data Visualization.

Semantic UI React

Semantic UI is a frontend development framework that has been integrated with many other frameworks. The React integration provides you access to all CSS themes and customizable components. Additionally, each component you get here has got plenty of variations too. The library is best for developing any ready-made mobile responsive solutions and web development projects. It is best known for its user-friendly HTML code.


This library is meant for building a desktop or web application that is meant to handle a heavy database. You can create your own customized themes here – choosing your own colors, typography, and classes. It provides you with more than40 customizable components which include buttons, callouts, breadcrumbs, tabs, tags, dividers, cards, navbars, icons and tables. For a data-based app, you can work with various date-time interactions here such as picking time zones too.


This component library is relatively newer but has already gained a lot of popularity and user-base. This also implies that it has fewer components. Thus, it is more suitable for making a smaller apps with a simple UI design. Additionally, you have access to a lot of free and premium themes here. The library comprises of components that are easy to use for beginners working on simple apps. 


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