August 31 2021

Top 5 Wordpress Page Builders You Must Learn: Webnware

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The need for vibrant websites has given rise to many website builders.

WordPress is one of the most popular and easy-to-use applications that allows you to make websites and webpages that are pleasing to the eyes effortlessly. WordPress allows users many customization elements. It comes with many galleries, buttons and text area options that can be easily used with a simple drag and drop function. Apart from these, there are many web page builder options available for WordPress. All these options can confuse creators in selecting the one which is right and most useful for them. This is why, we are today going to list some of the best WordPress page Builders that you can learn to get the best out of it.   Here are the Top 5 WordPress page builders that you should learn:

1.   WPBakery Page Builder

This is one of the most popular web page builders currently. It comes with a ton of features that makes it very easy to use. This plugin has been available for a long time. This makes it bug-free and smooth to use without any problems. It comes loaded with features like:
  • Compatibility with almost all WordPress themes
  • More than 50 content elements
  • A template library with a wide variety
  • Dedicated back-end support from Monday to Saturday
  • Integrate with more than 250 plugins
  • Grid Builder

2.   Visual Composer Website Builder

This website builder is very handy if you want to make changes to any content or layout of the page. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require much programming skills. The UI is modern, sleek and very easy to use. This is a subscription year model and costs $49 per year to use. You get benefits such as:
  • Ability to edit text and layout directly on page
  • Visual composer hub with extensions
  • Development UI
  • Additional support for JavaScript and CSS editing
  • Front end and tree view editor

3.   Beaver Builder

The plugin is popular because it is fast and easy to use, coming with drag and drop ability. It focuses on performance and stability which is why it is very popular among developers. However, it comes with a learning curve attached to it because of the various features it provides. The key features are:
  • Live editing
  • It has a mobile-friendly design
  • The plugin supports many shortcuts and widgets
  • Complete customer support
  • High performance

4.   Themify Builder

It is a page designer plugin which provides many themes for you to choose from. This plugin is very easy to use as most of the designing element is already done before hand. The designs are beautiful to look at and hence appealing to visitors. The key features of this plugin are:
  • It comes with more than 40 predesigned themes
  • More than 60 animation effects
  • Ability to add more add-ons
  • You can also make your custom styles
  • It supports custom codes and short codes

5.   Brizy

Brizy comes with many features for your web page ideas. If you have creative ideas that you want to implement on your webpage, then this is the perfect builder for your needs. It comes with a modern interface that is easy to understand and use. It can handle complex designs and needs. It provides features like:
  • Global blocks which allows you add elements and make them available on other websites via cloud.
  • Animated sliders
  • More than 400 templates
  • More than 150 content blocks which are ready to use
  • Professional Layouts

August 25 2021

How AI Is Changing the Web Design Industry?

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Are you a web developer thinking about how new technologies are being used in the web design industry? The technology for web design is evolving constantly every day. This can make it very hard for a single person to develop their own website. A web design company can help them provide professional services for web development to create a good quality website. We’ve been familiar with artificial intelligence being used in several fields. Now, it is being used to develop web designs. Let’s see how artificial intelligence is changing the web design industry.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Many of us have heard about this term artificial intelligence but didn’t bother to know much about what it means. In simple terms, artificial intelligence means giving computers the power to make decisions on their own. This technology has been developing for quite a few years now. There are many industries in which artificial intelligence is being used to increase efficiency or provide better service to the customer. As per the rate at which this technology is growing, it won’t be long before we will see this technology in everyday use of our lives.

Artificial Intelligence for Web Design

Artificial Intelligence has become an important aspect in website development now. Every good web design company is using it to create websites. Here’s how:

1. Website Development Machine

Many web design companies are using artificial intelligence algorithms to make websites. AI is being used to help in decision-making. This technology helps in taking decisions related to the design, layout, branding and content of the website. It also works as a professional designer providing real-time suggestions for designing the website.

2.  Coding

This is one of the most difficult tasks while designing a website. However, with the help of AI this process can be made easy. Artificial intelligence automates many tasks that helps the developer to find solutions while designing the website. With the help of AI, the codes can be developed from scratch which in turns leads to smarter apps and quick turnaround time.

3.  Use of Chatbot

Chatbots are a new feature that is becoming slowly available on many websites. You must have noticed this especially when shopping for products online. These chatbots reply to our queries without human interventions. This is possible due to artificial intelligence. Right now, the queries are pre-determined in the chat bot. However, as technology develops, it will be able to resolve our problems without any human intervention.

4.  Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing is a repetitive task that is very tiring and exhausting for developers. The AI algorithm can perform this on your behalf. This speeds up the time taken to for web designing and makes sure it is error-free. It helps maintain data and meaningful inferences.

5.  Analysis

AI helps in web analysis. With the help of analysis, you can understand what aspects of your web design needs to improved and what changes you need to make to them. AI helps you make those choices and recommend the changes that are going to have a positive impact on your web design.

August 19 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Boost WordPress Speed & Performance

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WordPress can become slow many times which can affect user experience drastically. This can lead to loss of business due to bad user experience. In this article, I am going to tell you about some WordPress speed optimization techniques that can help you with these issues.

Why Is WordPress Speed Optimization So Important?

When it comes to online surfing, speed is one of the most important factors. According to a survey recently, 40% of the people reported they would stop using a site if it took more than 3 seconds to load. Also, sites with load time of less than 3 seconds saw conversion rates that were 3 times higher. Many people use their smart phones to surf the web and it is more important to have a faster working website for mobile phones. A faster working website also ranks higher on search engines resulting in more traffic on the site. By optimizing the speed of your WordPress site, you can ensure that it loads within 2-3 seconds for any user.

How To boost your WordPress?

wordpress development Now, that you know why speed is important let’s look at how you can achieve it. Here are some WordPress speed optimization ideas to boost your speed and performance:

1.    Image Optimizations

Using images makes the content look good on your site. It helps to improve engagement and drive traffic. However, images can be one of the biggest reasons why the loading time for your site is long. Using non-optimized images for your site results in slower loading of the sites. You should use photo editing software to optimize your images for the web. The image file format and the compression can help decrease loading times.

2.    Theme Selection

While designing your website, you need to select a theme for it. There are many themes available for you to choose from. However, there are some themes that are poorly coded which leads to longer load times and performance of the site is affected. So, it is better to go for a simple theme than go for a complex one with complex layout and animations or any unwanted features.

3.    Plugins

The plugins you choose can also affect your website performance. It can cause too much bloat on the website. Here are some plugins you can use for the best performance on your website:
  • WPForms:  This is the fastest and most user-friendly plugin for WordPress. It is also well suited for beginners.
  • All in One SEO:  It helps your site get better SEO ranking without compromising your performance.
  • MonsterInsights:  This is the best Google Analytics plugin for your website and maintain the load times also.
  • SeedProd:  This drag and drop plugin helps you build fast landing pages.

4.    Reducing Page Size

If you are doing a long blog post, you should consider splitting that blog into more pages. Although readers prefer to read long blogs, it can affect your website speeds. A long blog with many images can affect your performance. WordPress has a built-in option where you can split your pages.

5.    Use Latest PHP

Sites in WordPress are written in the PHP programming language.  This runs on the hosting server as it is a server-side language. So, there could be a possibility that the server you are using has an older PHP version. The newer PHP 7 version is two times faster than the older one.