August 05 2021

Which CMS Does Your Business Need – WordPress or Joomla?

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Managing your website doesn’t require any coding skills today. This is because most websites today are built on content management software (CMS). The most popular platforms used for content management are WordPress and Joomla. However, if you ask about the majority, 41% website owners on the internet look for a good WordPress development service. So, how will you make a decision for your website? In order to understand how to make a choice, you need to take a look at the pros and cons of both the CMS platforms. We’ll be making an analysis here, after which you can make a decision based on your requirements.

Which Types of Users Will Prefer WordPress Development Service?

WordPress is an easy-to-use CMS platform. Initially, it was designed for bloggers. However, today it has plenty of themes, templates, plugins and features that support all kinds of websites. You can install the CMS within minutes and build your own website without having any prior experience in the field. Thus, today it is most popular among:
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers or professional service providers
  • Social networking sites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Project managers
  • Media sites (like magazines and newspapers)
Basically, almost all types of websites can be made on WordPress. Since the platform is so user-friendly, beginners and new business owners prefer WordPress over any other platform. Following are the pros of using this content management software:

User-Friendly Interface

Any beginner can use WordPress to create and manage his site. The interface is very simple to understand and helps you finish your job within minutes. Your WordPress development service provider may only have to guide you a little bit in the beginning, the rest of the time you can do it yourself.

Quick And Easy to Install

Once you’ve registered with a web server, it takes a single click and a few minutes to get your WordPress backend ready. The process is made way too simple and convenient for users.

Plenty Of Themes and Templates

WordPress has more than 50,000 different themes and templates. While some of them are free, others come at a price.

Multiple Plugins and Features

WordPress has more than 54,000 different plugins to choose from – both free and paid of course. They are quick and easy to install and very user-friendly even afterwards.

Encourages Blogging

For every website backend, you will notice that WordPress has a separate section for blog. It helps you differentiate your website pages from your blog section.

Has Greater Support Due to Its Popularity

WordPress has millions of users worldwide. For that very reason, you’ll find plenty of support communities and forums for the same. The official site also has its own documentation and guides in the support section.

Costs Less

Since setup and maintenance is so simple, the cost of acquiring a WordPress development service is lesser in comparison to other CMS platforms.

Which Types of Users Will Prefer Using Joomla?

Joomla isn’t as user-friendly as WordPress. However, its plus points lie in providing more advanced features and hence greater flexibility for building your website. Yes, you might have to work a little harder in this situation, but if you want a more high-end website, this is the right choice for you. Here are some of the plus points of using Joomla:
  • Wide variety of themes, templates, plugins and extensions
  • High-end features that support complex websites
  • In-built SEO support
  • Highly secure
  • In-built multi-lingual support
In comparison to WordPress, Joomla might be a little more complicated and demand more hard work from your end. However, the plus point is that you’ll get a more high-end website out of Joomla. Now, depending on how complicated or simple your website is meant to be, do you require Joomla or WordPress development service?

July 29 2021

10 Techniques of Website Speed Optimization: Performance Testing and Improvement Practice

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If you are a website owner, you would want anyone who visits your site have a fast and seamless experience. However, we have seen so many instances where the time taken to open a page is so long. This can be quite frustrating for the consumer and you could lose potential clients. If you are facing such issues, then don’t worry.Today, I am going to help you solve this problem and make your site lightning quick. Before you get started with optimising, you need to find out what the current load times and speed performances your website has. This information will help you know what is causing your website to load slowly. Once you know what is causing to slowdown your website, you can make changes accordingly to speed things up. According to experts, the time taken for any website to load up should be less than 3 seconds. However, according to a research from Google, it was discovered that only a few websites were able to achieve that cut-off time. Having a site that loads up faster also helps in boosting your ranking on google and other search engines. Here are some tools which you can use to check your website load times:

  • Google Page Speed Insights
  • Pingdom
  • YSlow

Top 10 Techniques of Website Speed Optimisation

Now that you have tested your website load times, it’s time to learn some techniques that can optimise your website. 1. Optimise Your Image Size This is a very simple trick that can help boost your loading times. If you are using pictures on your website, try to use JPEG files for you website rather than PNG files. JPEG files are more optimised for the web. JPEG files provide same level of quality and usability while taking up lesser space. There are a number of tools available online that let you convert your pictures to JPEG format.

2. Try To Use as Little Media as Possible

If your website contains too much media like photos and videos, the loading time for such websites increases significantly. Photos and videos require high-speed internet connections to load faster which might not be available for everyone. Apart from your homepage, try to keep media contents on other pages as low as possible.

3. Reduce Plugins

No proper website would be complete without plugins. These plugins help add features to your website, making them more intuitive. However, these plugins can slow down your load times for your websites. The more plugins you add, the slower your website will get.

4. Use A Better Host

Having your own dedicated server for hosting is the fastest way to load your websites. Shared hosting is cost-effective but it provides the slowest load times. So, the most economical and optimal solution would be to go for a virtual private server which will be both fast and economical for your website.

5. Using a Content Delivery Network

Having a web server in a single location can increase load times for people staying geographically farther from you. If you are having servers in different locations, you can help reduce load times for people around the world drastically.

6. Lesser Redirects

Having more HTTP requests affects the websites performances drastically. It is best to reduce them or remove them altogether.

7. Use Limited Fonts

It is advisable not to have more than 2 to 3 different fonts for your website. If you use custom fonts, these will require downloading and reduce your website load times. Also, avoid using italics and bold fonts.

8. Avoid Animations

Animations help your website look more beautiful and attractive. However, they require you to load them which reduce the load times of the websites. Avoid using animations on all pages and limit them to a handful of pages only.

9. Use Gzip Compression

This helps reduce the size of files on the website. This minimises HTTP requests on the site and reduces server response time. This can be used for all types of files and make loading faster.

10. Mobile Performance

Many people now use their cell phones to access websites. Optimising your website for cell phones can help deliver better user experience. Website speed optimization is important for getting a good ranking in SEO. When you’ll test your website load time, the software will already provide you with some of these suggestions upon detecting the cause behind the delay. Following the above 10 techniques in the first place will help you achieve better results.  
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July 21 2021

Professional Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

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With the help of the speed, an optimization service business can get the help to speed up and improve the business as blogging website performance.

While your customers are trying to open webpage of your website and it takes many minutes to load that basically cost you a genuine opportunity of the conversation right away. The reason behind is that the webpage of your website has not been optimized because of its low-speed process. It is the reason you need to avail the WordPress optimization service.

Making a website and leave it as it is not helpful to reach the online marketing goals. If you are making a website then it is necessary to optimize it with the webpage from each and every aspect. It is the goal of every businessman to take their website on the higher ranking using the search engine optimization service. On the other hand the outcome of the search engine optimization hugely depends on the optimization services.

With the help of the WordPress optimization services, your website functions smoothly by reducing the loading time and speed it up to optimize the webpage and its resource automatically. 

Below mention are some of the benefits you can get with the speed optimization services: 

  • It helps to achieve the maximum speed by reducing loading time
  • It helps to fix the web page errors
  • It helps to decrease the loading time substantially
  • It helps in customer satisfaction
  • It helps to attract more customers towards the business

With the help of our expert professionals in the WordPress speed optimization services, you can able to upgrade your user experience by several methods.If you have any query then contact us.


Why WordPress speed optimization services required? While you are planning to sell your products and services online then the quality and quantity of your services and products do not matter. One of the top things that you need is that grab the attention of the target audience by providing the best user experience on your website. So do whatever is possible to provide best service that your audiences are looking for.

One of the simplest and beginning step of it is that with the opting for the right WordPress optimization services. When your pages take longer and much time to load then it generally have a higher bounce rate as compared to another one. However, the average time on those pages becomes lower. This is the worst situation that may affect your website traffic as well as conversation rates, leads in a bad way. If you want to avoid all these situations then you need to avail of speed optimization services for your website.

Advantage of website speed optimization services

With the professional WordPress speed optimization service provider help to optimize your website that is created on WordPress  platforms. A speed optimization service ensures that

It helps to improve search engine ranking of the website

If your website is fast and running without any delay then it helps to rank your website higher in regard to search engine optimization.

It helps  to generate website traffic & increase the conversation rate

Each and every customer love to spend time on a fast website. Our services will make sure that the user experience is great as well as ensures higher traffic in the website.

It provides the best customer satisfaction

When your website is providing what your customer wants then it will satisfy them and helps to convert and retain satisfied customers.