February 02 2022

How To Make an Ecommerce Website in WordPress Using Astra and Elementor?

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If you have an urgent requirement for an ecommerce website, then there is a wordpress website development company in UK that might help you. With the help of Astra, Elementor and WooCommerce, you can build a great ecommerce website in hours. To build any website on WordPress, you need a theme and a few plugins. If you want to make your website more unique, that’s where you can use a page builder. If you want to build the best ecommerce website in no time, the best combination of themes and plugins would be to use the Astra theme with Elementor page builder and WooCommerce plugin. Let’s see how it works.

7 Steps to Create your Ecommerce Website through Astra & Elementor

Step 1: Install Astra WordPress Theme

Astra is a free WordPress theme you’ll find easily from the dashboard. Under “Appearances”, go to “Themes” and click on “Install” for the Astra theme.   

Step 2: Install the Starter Templates Plugin

After you have successfully downloaded Astra, you to “Plugins” from the main menu and click on “Add New”. Search for starter templates on the dashboard here and download the first plugin you find which is “Starter Templates – Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg & Brizy Templates”.  

Step 3: Pick Your Ecommerce Template

Once your Starter Templates plugin is activated, you’ll find the plugin in the Menu under “Appearances”. Go there and select Elementor. From the drop-down menu to the left of the search bar, select “eCommerce” and choose the template you like. Click on “Import Complete Site” to get it.  

Step 4: Install Woo Commerce

From the WordPress plugin directory, you now need to look for Woo Commerce. You follow the same process you did earlier for downloading the Starter Templates plugin. Install and activate the free plugin.  

Step 5: Start Building the Website Basics

Along with the theme and template you select, you get a website with some default pages and text. So, to start building your website, you go to “Customize” under “Appearance” from the main menu and start off. Here, you’ll get all of Astra’s features like drag-and-drop, live editing and advanced styling.  So, in this step we build the header, footer, main menu and the structure of the website. We edit the text and images accordingly.  

Step 6: Build the Online Store

Astra and Elementor are meant for designing the website. However, the online store is made on WooCommerce only, where you list the products, add payment gateway integrations and activate other ecommerce features. Since you’ve installed WooCommerce, you’ll find it in the WordPress Customizer Sidebar to do so. From adding product image to updating all its stock and price information, everything is done here.  

Step 7: Play a Little More with the Design of the Web Pages

This is where you use Elementor now. The page builder will help you work with your fonts, images, and design elements. Explore some of the great ecommerce widgets here such as Product Breadcrumbs, Custom Add to Cart, Upsells, Product Meta and WooCommerce Pages.  

Final Step: Preview Your Website

This is something you actually start simultaneously with step 5, when you start building your website. Both Astra and Elementor will allow you to preview any changes you start making to the template. Even though they’re available for free, you can get twice the number of features from their premium versions. That’s why you need the best WordPress website development company in UK, so that you are able to make the most out of it.   Also Read:-



January 27 2022

Build Your Own Online Gaming Cricket Application like MPL or Myteam11

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Did you know that MPL has 85 million registered users from all over the world while Myteam11 has more than 10 million registered users? Yes, that is the extent to which fantasy cricket has grown in popularity. If you too wish to build an app like that, you will need help from the best Android development company in uk to beat these apps.  

Build an App Like Myteam11 or MPL - By Android Development Company

If you truly want your app to work, providing your audience with an excellent UI/UX won’t be enough. Most apps can provide that today with the help of professionals. What you truly need in order to retain your app users is a good USP. Your app has to provide the audience with something no other app has. This unique feature could be a different game rule or benefit, or a unique feature in your interface. In the case of fantasy sports, which is usually a data-driven app, how you present your data also makes a big difference. If your app is simpler to understand and use, it gains preference over others. To understand better, let’s take a look at the features you should take care of:

Rewards, Referrals and Bonuses

We all tend to play for the rewards we get on winning. Additionally, we all look for bonus points that we can get either through referrals or on signing up. So, having this feature in any game app is a must now. What you need to ensure is that your app provides better rewards than your competitors. It will be a major factor for pulling the audience towards your app.

Personalized Dashboard

Even Google has been personalizing search results for every individual user today. So do shopping apps and social media platforms customize user notifications and home page. You need to give your user control over the notifications he or she wants to receive. Also, whatever additional information you provide on the dashboard has to be according to the interests and past behavior of each individual user.

Live Streaming

Usually, it is the die-hard cricket fans who use a fantasy cricket app. Providing them with the best quality of live streaming of matches will always keep them glued to your app. In fact, keeping this feature will help you retain users who simply like cricket too.

Data Visualization

A fantasy cricket game app is meant to be data-driven. As we mentioned, the way you present this data also matters a lot. A user understands the same information in a much better way when you present it differently. So, your data and information have to be more readable than your established competitors.

A Minimalist Design and Interface

This may not be a leading factor but isn’t something you can ignore either. We all prefer devices and apps that are simple for us to use. So, keeping the interface easy to understand and engaging is important. Keep it clean and simple.

January 21 2022

Shopify Speed Optimization Service

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Imagine that you visit a website and it takes minutes to load. You’ll start losing patience, right? Also, your website would slip into a lower position in the ranks of Google. There are plenty of things you have to do in order to improve the speed of your website. Shopify is a popular platform among e-commerce website owners. If your Shopify store turns out slow, it means that you need to check the above factors and start working on it. It is the reason you need to avail the shopify speed optimization service

Professional Shopify Speed Optimization Service

If your website is built on Shopify, there are some specific things for you to look after. So, if you have been thinking lately about optimizing your Shopify store, here are a few tips from us to help you:
  • Use Compressed Images In Your Shopify Store

You definitely can't compromise on adding images to a website. Shopify sites allow you to upload images in the form of JPF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF and there is no limit on the number of images one can upload. However, you can compress the size without compromising on the quality with, JPEGmini, and other Shopify tools.
  • Lazy Load Images

It becomes irritating when you have to wait for images to load on a website. To eliminate this in your Shopify site, you can use the lazy load technique. This means that images outside the browser viewpoint will not be loaded. This ensures that the images which you can see will be loaded at that point of time.
  • A Fast Responsive Theme Should Be Chosen

Choose a lightweight theme that will boost your site performance. You should select a theme that will serve your brand’s idea and audience in the best possible way. Remember every extra element added will lessen your page speed. So, be wise and don't include unnecessary sliders or fancy animations. Before finalizing a theme, make sure to check it in the Google Page Speed Insights.
  • Avoid GIFs

Try to avoid GIFs in your Shopify site as they have large file sizes. You can replace them with static images which will increase the performance of your site. You can even choose to embed a video instead of uploading one – it works better than uploading GIFs.
  • Reduce The Number Of Installed Apps

Apps, when loaded on web pages, cause a negative impact by adding extra load. Also, avoid third-party scripts. When you add these scripts and apps, they take up more space. Also, the total number of requests increases which ultimately harms your site. Thus, try to get rid of apps you don't use and keep only them you think are crucial for your site.
  • Use AMP Pages On Your Website

Most users log in to your site through their mobile phone. It would not be a nice thing if your site performs poorly in loading. Thus, to boost up the performance, you can use AMP Pages which lets users access your website fast and in a smooth way.  
  • Run Your Website Through Google PageSpeed Insights

Last but not the least, use Google PageSpeed Insights which is Google’s speed testing tool. You simply need to run a test and it will give output on the disadvantages of your store as well as how to eliminate them. Also Read